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It is with great pleasure to welcome you to this  Website of Shavi Tours  Company Limited. We have invested substantially and diplomatically to maintain the efficiency and personalised service to our customers .

We guarantee a Tanzanian visit full excitement, comfort accommodation and tour sites. Tourist’s sites in Tanzania are indeed God given gifts. Visitors to Tanzania do not only encounter the overwhelming force of nature but also enjoy a serene contact with it in almost all the national parks and game reserves. Mountain climbers can also have a field training trying to reach the top of the highest mountain in Africa.

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No matter where you want to go, we take you there.

we are your ride to the stiffs and destination sources found in Tanzania.

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We prepare different safaris packages for different groups

Write to us your wish and we work to provide you with the very best package that suites your budget and desires.

Cultural Tourism

Explore the best of Tanzanian most famous and unique tribes .


We provide you with the best package for hooneymooners.

Group Packages

We help you with find the best group to fit your safaris need and budget.

Family vacations

Preparations for best family package, give us your idea and we implement it.

Season Safaris

We advice you based on the best season to travell to tanzania for best experience.

Luxury experiences

This is the kind of package that provide you with maximum pleasure.


To the bost beautifull island the coastals, Beaches, Animals, Historical buildings and people’s culture is astonishing.

For beach lovers

For beach lovers, the palms on the sandy beaches makes the western shores of the Indian Ocean to offer the peace and comfort for relaxation, while the Indian Ocean offers all sorts of opportunities ranging from swimming, angling, sailing and other water sports, as well as the opportunity to view its treasures, the colourful living and non-living resources. All this can be enjoyed in welcoming atmosphere through Shavi tours and General Supply Company Limited.

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Write to us your budget and we will prepare you with the best tour thats fits your budget.


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Check with your doctor and the Center for Disease control for current recommendations. None are required for entry to Tanzania from the USA or for re-entry to the USA. If you are arriving from a yellow fever epidemic area such as Kenya, proof of vaccination is required.

We always have a first aid kit close at hand. More serious injuries are rare. Porters will assist injured climbers to the base of the mountain and onward to a clinic or hospital. Kilimanjaro International Airport is very near Marangu Gate if evacuation to The US or Europe is advisable.

Tanzanian shilling is the official currency of the United Republic of Tanzania but the US dollar is ubiquitously used too. Other currencies such as euro, Pound Sterling, Swiss franc are not used in the payment but they always can be exchanged for shillings at a reduced rate at any exchange office.

Most of the hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops have prices in US dollars but you can pay by local shillings. In supermarkets with cash register you can pay by shillings or by credit card, the commission will be ~5%.

Note: The bank notes of older than 2003 issue year are depreciated in Tanzania banks

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Here are the most discussed topics accross tourism sector that will also help you to know some of the hints before making your safaris decisions

The Great Wildebeest Migration

The Great Migration is an annual migration of millions of wildebeests into Tanzania. The spectacle has repeated for thousands of years and is the largest