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Safari facts

Tanzania consists of many tourist destinations that you can enjoy.

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Why safaris in tanzania

Tanzania is outstanding in Africa. About 25% of the country is protected in national parks or conservation areas.

Probably one of the biggest  mammal population of Africa.  In Tanzania witness an unlikely spectacle; the annual migration of millions of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle.

The presence of nearly 1,200 species of birds, one of the largest numbers in Africa;  a birdwatcher’s paradise.

You can visit our country anytime of year. Each season has different advantages.

Safari Destinations are divided into a Northern and a Southern circuit.

Arusha is ideal as a departure point for the northern circuit. From here you can go to:


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The Accomodations

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If possible, we offer lodges whose owners are of Tanzanian descent.

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Tanzania Facts

Tanganyika and Zanzibar united on 26 April 1964, forming the United Republic of Tanzania. Tanganyika became independent from the British on 9th December 1961 and Zanzibar became free through a revolution on 12nd January 1964.


Capital: Dodoma, with a population of around 325,000, is the official capital while

The United Republic of Tanzania (Kiswahili: Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania), is a country in East Africa bordered by Kenya and Uganda to the north, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, and Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to the south. To the East it borders the Indian Ocean

Some of the oldest human settlements have been unearthed in Tanzania. The oldest human fossils where found in and around Olduvai Gorge (Oldupai) in northern Tanzania, an area referred to as “The Cradle of Mankind”. It is believed to be the birthplace of humanity. Fossils found in this area include Paranthropus bones thought to be over 2 million years old, and the oldest known footprints of the immediate ancestors of humans, the Laetoli footprints, estimated to be about 3.6 million years old.

Tanzania is a country, which is so wealthy that it would practically take years to document all the resources. Not only is the country proud to bear witness to the highest and largest free standing mountain in the world but also to the rich and diverse wildlife concentrations, mineral and other resources available. If Africa’s tourism opportunities were to be summarized by one single country, that country would be Tanzania.

Currency: Tanzania Shillings; however, you are advised to carry American Dollars. Moneychangers do accept major convertible currencies including the EURO and the Japanese Yen. Travelers Cheques may be acceptable in some places, but not in the remote countryside, Major Credit Cards may also be acceptable in some large Hotels, however it is advisable to carry Cash US Dollars, which you will change on arrival.


Population:  Tanzania has a population of around 47.6 million (UN, 2012). Native Africans constitute 99% of the population

Climate: Tanzania has a tropical climate along the coast but it gets temperate in the highlands.
April & Mid – May = Long rains (Green Season)
June – Sept = Cool season
Nov – Dec = Short Rains
October – March = Hottest season

The range of Temperatures in Tanzania is fairly limited and always hot, running from 25 to 30 degrees C on the coast while the rest of the country apart from the highlands run from 22 to 27 degrees C.

Time: GMT + 3 hrs

Electricity: 240 Volts AC, 50 – 60 Hz

Language: Kiswahili & English

Area: 945,087 sq. km (364,900 sq miles)

Life expectancy: 58 years (men), 60 years (women) (UN)

Monetary Unit: 1 Tanzanian shilling = 100 cents

Main exports: Gold, sisal, cloves, coffee, cotton, cashew nuts, minerals, tobacco

GNI per capita: US $540 (World Bank, 2011)

Internet domain: .tz

International dialing code: +255

System of government: Tanzania is a multiparty democratic republic.

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