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Ngorongoro crater

The Ngorongoro crater wa formed when a large volcano erupted and collapsed on itself.

What is the name?

The Ngorongoro Crater was formed when a large volcano erupted and collapsed on itself.

This explosion created a caldera approximately two and a half million years ago.

Conservation Area

Approximately 40,000 people live in the conservation area. There are around 30,000 animals ranging from leopard, cheetah, elephant and hyena to warthog, buffalo and impala. The area is also one of the best places to see the endangered black rhino and black-maned male lions. Black Rhinos were brought back from the brink of extinction and now their population, has bounced back to over 5,000 worldwide, about 30 of which can be found at Ngorongoro Crater.

Facts About Ngorongoro

“The Garden of Eden”:

The Ngorongoro Crater is also affectionately referred to as ‘the Garden of Eden’ due to its dazzling beauty and being a paradise for animals.


Hollywood Connection:

The Oscar-winning movie Out of Africa was filmed partly in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

No Giraffe:

You won’t find any giraffes in the crater. It’s thought they can’t enter as the sides are too steep for them to walk down. However you may still be able to find them around the crater.

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